The Battlefield Airway

Battlefield Airway

Alright Folks.  I’m totally excited about this episode.  This is the first one I recorded using my new Rode Podcaster microphone.  I think it sounds great, a huge improvement over the sound quality of my previous episodes.  I totally geeked out on this one, bought a really nice microphone, a swing arm (just like a real radio talk-show guy) and a new desk.  Oh, yes, I’m in podcast heaven.  I hope you enjoy this episode.  Please leave comments on iTunes and give me a good rating.  If you don’t like the show, let me know why it sucks, and I’ll work my tail off to make it better.

“First There … That Others May Live”


2 thoughts on “The Battlefield Airway

  1. Dr. Anderson,
    New listener, tuning from Bagram. Thanks! What a great show! Looking forward to listening here downrange.

    Contract aviators. Supporting below from above!


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